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Summerville, SC’s Premier Advanced Dentistry Practice

Routine dental care is the cornerstone of proper dental health. Not all dental problems can be solved with regular dental practices. Sometimes, you need specialized dental care. That’s why High Tide Dentistry in Summerville, South Carolina, provides advanced dentistry techniques, like Invisalign® aligners and sedated dentistry. Our many advanced dentistry techniques allow us to go the extra mile. Patients are more comfortable when they can get complex procedures, like oral surgery, from their regular family dentist. Learn more about our advanced dentistry practice.

Our Most Common Advanced Dentistry Services

Advanced Dentistry includes everything outside of our standard dentistry practices. Advanced dentistry is different because it often involves specialized equipment, more time, and an extra level of care. Our advanced dentistry services usually address problems like crooked teeth, dental anxiety, and oral surgery. Our most common advanced dentistry services are:

All-on-Four Mouth Reconstruction

Traditional dentures slip and slide around in your mouth, but all-on-fours are a permanent alternative. We can completely reconstruct your smile with long-term dentures by placing four or more pins. You do not need to take them out at night, and you care for them just like your natural teeth.

Clear Aligners

Crooked and misaligned teeth can limit an otherwise beautiful smile. Often, traditional wire braces just don’t fit your lifestyle well. We create a straighter smile with completely clear aligners. They slowly move your teeth into place, but you can also remove the aligners when you need to eat or brush your teeth.

Sedated Dentistry

Dental anxiety prevents too many people from getting the dental care they need. If you have been putting off a procedure, this may be for you. Sedated dentistry helps make the process less stressful. We can use many different forms of sedation to help calm your nerves.

Oral Surgery

When you need oral surgery, such as removing your wisdom teeth, you want to go to someone you know and trust. This is why Dr. Johnson performs oral surgeries in our office. We are equipped to conduct a wide range of oral surgery procedures.

Mouth Guards

There are a few different uses for custom-made mouthguards. When a patient habitually grinds their teeth at night, a mouthguard may be the only thing that prevents irreversible damage. Sports mouth guards that a dentist fits are not only safer than store-bought options, but they are also more comfortable to wear.

Get an Appointment at High Tide Dentistry!

If you need any advanced dentistry procedures, there is no better place to call than High Tide Dentistry. When we perform these advanced procedures, we provide an extra level of care. We will carefully explain the whole process to you and ensure you are as comfortable as possible from start to finish. To set up a visit, just give us a call or fill out a contact form.

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